Lake Keepit Dam

Project Description

Geo Image Services was engaged by John Holland to provide specialise survey services for this Keepit Dam upgrade.

The project included the construction of two new auxiliary spillways, a saddle dam and two minor roads.

Keepit Dam consists of a mass concrete gravity wall incorporating a gated spillway, adjacent gravity abutment walls and a zoned earth embankment. Additionally there is a subsidiary zoned earth embankment dam, located 3.2km south east of the main embankment between the Peel and Namoi River catchments.

Scope of Works

  • Monitor embankments
  • Set out of a 185m long, 7m high clay core saddle dam
  • Set out of a 1km long, 11m high clay coffer dam at the subsidiary dam spillway site
  • Construct 2 sealed roads
  • Set out of auxiliary fuse plug spillway through the centre of the subsidiary dam
  • Set out of an auxiliary fuse plug spillway at the right abutment
  • Calculate volumes and stockpiling materials from excavations for future works
  • GPS setup and machine controlled management
  • Set out of bulk earthworks, volume calculations and mass haul diagrams


John Holland – Sydney Water Corporation




Gunnedah NSW